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The Verve album, Forth, is out TODAY!!!!




• Deluxe Boxset: A deluxe boxset will be available solely from The Verve's Official Store. This version will consist of a double heavyweight gatefold LP vinyl (containing two bonus tracks not on the CD version of the album), limited edition CD & DVD edition of the album, and an exclusive memorabilia tour book.

• CD & DVD Package: Available from play.com for £8.95 Delivered: A special CD and DVD package, featuring an exclusive band documentary and live footage from The Verve's headlining appearance at Coachella in May 2008, packaged in a case bound tour book.

• Heavyweight LP: Available exclusively from The Verve's Official Store: LP includes 2 tracks not featured on the CD or CD/DVD albums.

• Original CD Album: You can also buy the standard CD album FROM The Verve's Official Store.

• Digital Download:
If you pre-order the album from itunes you'll receive 'Judas' as soon as you place your order, as well as exclusive live versions of 'Lucky Man' live from Coachella 2008 and 'A New Decade' live from Glastonbury 2008.
7 Digital: Album Of The Week: 'Forth' is available at a special price of £5 until the end of next week.


• Original CD Album: Available from Amazon for $7.99.

• Digital Download:Available for $9.99 from itunes, people buying from here will receive a bonus track ‘Mama Soul’ and an exclusive documentary feature.


::can now die happy that the verve have a new album out::
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you can hear it here. my favorite song is definitely "Sit & Wonder" ... "Noise Epic" is a close second... what about you?:

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Birth: 8-1-77
Hair:bleached blonde
Body Type:BBW
10 Key Words to Describe Me:intense,goofy,silly,spacey,different,creative,unique,affectionate,strong,wild
10 Key Words to Describe What I am Looking for:pen pals,boyfriends or just friends from the U.K guys or girls.
crafty fun people.

And post a picture if you can!

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pulp~this is hardcore
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The American I'm in love with is actually Hawaiian! This makes it twice as hard, it's twice the distance! Is ANYONE else here in the same situation?
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A community for all British Drama
Discussion, Fiction, Icons and more
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Name: Kaily
Birth: July 16, 1988
Sign: Cancer
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Body Type: Average
Interests: SciFi, anime, manga, Doctor Who, Stargate, drawing, writing, stickers, shipping fandoms, fanfiction, and more.
10 Key Words to Describe Me: Loyal, shy, submissive, kind, funny, trustworthy, clingy, fangirl, thoughtful, and honest.
10 Key Words to Describe What I am Looking for: Kind, interesting, unique, happy, fantastic, funny, generous, poetic, smart, and fun!!

I really don't mind who the person is as long as we have common interests.

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curious curious
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I am an undergraduate psychology student seeking your assistance in my research on Internet relationships. If you are over 18 years of age and are willing to contribute, please click on the link below to complete the questionnaire. This will take less than 10 minutes!


As I need a large amount of responses, please pass on the link to as many people as possible. Your assistance with my research is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


P.S. Attn Moderator: If this posting creates any problems, please let me know and it will be removed. Thank you.

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Name: Stephanie
Birth: 29 Jan 1983
Sign: Aquarius
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Body Type: Thin
Interests: Reading, writing, knitting, the internet, movies, TV, politics, a little bit of everything, really.
10 Key Words to Describe Me: Intelligent, independant, quirky, eccentric, crafty, lesbian, sarcastic, creative, easy-going, unique.
10 Key Words to Describe What I am Looking for: Someone who is...fun, intelligent, quirky. Looking for friends, pen pals, maybe a relationship.

No picture yet--well, the one in my icon, but I've since cut my hair and I'm waiting until my friend e-mails me a good photo of me with the new haircut. So it will actually look like me.

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hi! this is my first post to the community -- nice to meet you :) i'm in a bit of a pickle and i wonder if any of you could give me some advice.

my boyfriend lives in the uk and we would like very much to get married and live together in england, but it seems as though the process is going to be rather difficult. has anyone here gained citizenship through marriage? i've tried to find good information on the internet about doing this, but i'm not able to find any reliable, applicable info. know of any links? did you find anything about the process particularly difficult? what might keep me from becoming a citizen?

any help really is appreciated. i'm really quite worried that this won't work out....i read an article about a woman who wanted to marry her boyfriend in the uk and she was denied citizenship when authorities read in her journal that she had looked for work in the uk before acquring her visa!!! eek!!

::nervously awaiting replies::

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Hello everyone!

Name: Lauren :)
Birthday: March 9th, 1976
Sign: Pisces
Hair: short, dyed red
Eyes: green
Body Type: average, 5'8"
Interests: music, spending time online, going to see my favorite bands in concert, collecting silly things on ebay, drawing, comic books, watching movies & TV, obsessing over silly things.
10 Key Words to Describe Me: silly, sarcastic, dorky, creative, fangirl, anglophile, obsessive (about stupid stuff, not in a relationship sense), internet nerd, friendly, happy
10 Key Words to Describe What I am Looking for: I am only looking to meet new friends and penpals from the UK. London is my favorite city in he world, and I'd love to learn more about other areas of England. I am happily married, and not looking for any type of romantic thing here. I am hoping to find someone I can write to and talk to (email or snail mail) and get to know... and maybe someday meet. I love british pop culture and I'm a total fangirl over many british actors/musicians. PLEASE check out my user info, and if you have similar interests, send me a message!!

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VH-1 Classic
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