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Hello everyone!

Name: Lauren :)
Birthday: March 9th, 1976
Sign: Pisces
Hair: short, dyed red
Eyes: green
Body Type: average, 5'8"
Interests: music, spending time online, going to see my favorite bands in concert, collecting silly things on ebay, drawing, comic books, watching movies & TV, obsessing over silly things.
10 Key Words to Describe Me: silly, sarcastic, dorky, creative, fangirl, anglophile, obsessive (about stupid stuff, not in a relationship sense), internet nerd, friendly, happy
10 Key Words to Describe What I am Looking for: I am only looking to meet new friends and penpals from the UK. London is my favorite city in he world, and I'd love to learn more about other areas of England. I am happily married, and not looking for any type of romantic thing here. I am hoping to find someone I can write to and talk to (email or snail mail) and get to know... and maybe someday meet. I love british pop culture and I'm a total fangirl over many british actors/musicians. PLEASE check out my user info, and if you have similar interests, send me a message!!

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