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Name: Stephanie
Birth: 29 Jan 1983
Sign: Aquarius
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Body Type: Thin
Interests: Reading, writing, knitting, the internet, movies, TV, politics, a little bit of everything, really.
10 Key Words to Describe Me: Intelligent, independant, quirky, eccentric, crafty, lesbian, sarcastic, creative, easy-going, unique.
10 Key Words to Describe What I am Looking for: Someone who is...fun, intelligent, quirky. Looking for friends, pen pals, maybe a relationship.

No picture yet--well, the one in my icon, but I've since cut my hair and I'm waiting until my friend e-mails me a good photo of me with the new haircut. So it will actually look like me.

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On July 20th, 2006 04:09 pm (UTC), zangofreak981 commented:
hi Stephanie, my name is Emily, birthdate: 13th April 1990, Sign: Aries, Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Brown, Body Type: Medium, Interests: Reading, TV (Neighbours) Scarlett Johannson, Sunbathing, Radio 1, cars, cooking, walking, naps, lazing about basically...Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton movie collaborations...the list would literally go on forever. I am nice, occasionally funny, unintentionally usually, very eccentric, slightly weird, arty, currently obsessed with the eighties and quite intelligent. I am hoping to make lots of friends on LJ to broaden my horizons or something.
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