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Trans-Atlantic Love!
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Welcome to yanks4brits, a community for Yanks looking for love, friendship, or pen pals in the UK or other current / former members of the British Commonwealth around the world.

21+ ONLY PLEASE!!! You must have your birthdate on your profile!!

1. Please post an introduction within a few days of joining. I understand the desire to lurk, but the whole point is to meet people here!
2. We tolerate ALL preferences, persuasions, and styles. NO flaming, attacks, insults etc or you are HISTORY.
3. Let's try to keep politics out of it as much as possible. Not everyone from XX country is a raging theocratic fascist and not everyone one from YY country is a frothing rabid liberal etc.
4. Please don’t just post "booty calls". Seeing as most of us are geographically distant that's a waste of your time and ours.
5. This isn’t just about snogging! Feel free to use this as a place to build friendships and find pen pals in other countries!
6. If you promote your community/business/services it will be deleted. Do it twice and YOU will be deleted!
7. Feel free to post online quiz results and other personality memes, just make sure if they are long or have heavy graphics you put them behind an LJ cut.

You can write your inroduction however you want but, here is a template you can start with if you need help:

Body Type:
10 Key Words to Describe Me:
10 Key Words to Describe What I am Looking for:

And post a picture if you can!

Have fun!